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how to use teambox for project management…

May 1st, 2010

In the last weeks I was looking for an open source web based project management tool and I’ve found – A very good pm-tool with twitter like communication functions that can be installed on your own server :)

In this article I wanna show, how to use teambox for management of an IT infrastructure project. Therefor I’ve created an example project which is called “application delivery infrastructure” which goal it is to implement Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and Access Gateway with Provisioning Server and XenServer – A real IT infrastructure project ;-)

OK, before we speak about project management, we have to define what we wanna manage. In theory project management includes the following dimensions:

  • requirements (or goals) management
  • problem management
  • tasks/time management
  • ressource management

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shrinking xenserver-vm harddisks

August 7th, 2009

[For the german/original version - please click here.]

After having done a p2v-migration you sometimes have a vm with a huge harddisk and want to resize it. Unfortunately shrinking of xenserver-vm harddisks is not supported by Citrix [1]. But with the following workaround you can help yourself very easily.

  1. add a harddisk with target-size to your vm
  2. boot your vm from the gparted-live-iso [2]
  3. copy and resize the source-partition to the target harddisk
  4. mark the target-harddisk as active


This works with most virtualization products…


PS: For resizing vhd-files there is the following tool.