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cloudy expectations

January 7th, 2010

As Alessandro Perilli has written in his article [1], parts of the IT industry expect 2010 to be the year of cloud computing (the other parts expect it to be the year of VDI ;-) [2]).So it is time to think about what cloud computing is right now, what it can be and what it is expected to be…

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How-to setup a high-performance test-lab on a laptop…

September 26th, 2009

As a consultant you always on the road and sometimes you need a generic good performing test-lab to try one little feature of a Windows Server product in less than five Minutes. Therefor I’ve written a little how-to, which can be downloaded in the articles-section. The two good things about this kind of test-lab are:

  • it is generic and can be used for every Windows Server product
  • it uses only little space and combines the io-performance of two harddisks


Have fun…!

proxy in the clouds…

August 25th, 2009

Inspired by the article “Netz ohne Gesetz” (translated it would be “the outlawed web”), published in the well known german magazine, “Der Spiegel”, I’ve tried to setup a proxy in Amazon’s cloud. And after 20 minutes I had set-up two of them – one in the U.S. cloud (located in Seattle) and another one in the EU cloud (located in Dublin) of Amazon.


two different proxies used...

The most interesting part was then to google some buzzwords and see how many hits one gets with an american ip and how many hits one gets with a european ip – in some cases there is a huge difference ;-)

For all of you who would like to try it yourselves, I’ve written a how-to, which you can download in the articles section of this site. Have fun…!


[...] This article describes the setup of a proxy-server in a cloud. You can use a proxy like this from everywhere through the internet. Reasons to do this could be:

  • Your internet access is filtered but you need access to sites which are filtered.
  • You want to have a log of all sites and files you’ve visited from different browsers.
  • You need to speed up your internet connection through caching.
  • You want to filter the internet access of your kids. [...]