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greenIT calculators and CO2 footprint…

July 5th, 2010

There are tons of CO2 and GreenIT calculators on the web – Here are some examples:



If  you have a look on these and try some calculations, you will come to the point that saving miles of traveling is the most efficient way IT can minimize your companies CO2 footprint.

who can read your email?

April 18th, 2010

Most people don’t care about email security but would be very mad if someone open their mail and copy it. Most of the people don’t know, that an unencrypted email is like a postcard – So who can read your email?

To answer that question you have to look at two different scenarios:

  1. You send an email to a colleague.
  2. You send an email to someone from a different domain.

The first scenario isn’t that scary:

Bob sends an email to his colleague Claire.

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Unified Communication – Am I (then) always + in every way reachable…?

July 12th, 2009

[For the german/original version - please click here.]

Unified Communication (UC) was announced by Gartner as the 2009 strategic IT topic. [1] [2] But one could say,”Whats the interest of Gartner + IDC’s of this world, I’m the one who determines what my users can + can not use!” or one prepares oneself – The various forms of communication methods should be unified and controlled for all – IT infrastructure administrators + users.

Controlling the type of communication – that’s what UC is actually about. The user should not through an additional push channel, such as Instant Messaging, waste work time rather it shall control who can reach him @ what time + in which preferred way.

“I decide which medium of communication I use, so that I am not bound/restricted by any device, location or time.” That’s how the young working web 2.0 generation thinks/wants due to the achievements that the youth has managed, they are able to choose their potential future employer based on the companies IT infrastructure… [3]

OK, what does that mean for the administrator/CIO? How can I steer the use of communication channels to make it the easiest method for the user?
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which communication methods are implemented in my IT infrastructure today? (This includes unmanaged clients like user-installed Skype-clients…)
  • Do communication methods exist that my users are not able to use? (for example web-conferencing, video-conferencing, audio-conferencing, instant messaging, blogs + wikis)
  • In my IT infrastructure can everyone communicate with erveryone through every channel?
  • Is there more than one directory service in my IT infrastructure? (If yes, are they automatically synchronized?)
  • Is there a presence server in my infrastructure? (If no, which arguments speak for or against it?)
  • Do communication channels exist in my infrastructure, that aren’t used so far? (for example personal fax)

After you have answered these questions you should listen more carefully to your users + executive staff – I bet you will hear in every 2nd sentence the demand for UC-solutions and collaboration plattforms.

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