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how to use teambox for project management…

May 1st, 2010

In the last weeks I was looking for an open source web based project management tool and I’ve found – A very good pm-tool with twitter like communication functions that can be installed on your own server :)

In this article I wanna show, how to use teambox for management of an IT infrastructure project. Therefor I’ve created an example project which is called “application delivery infrastructure” which goal it is to implement Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop and Access Gateway with Provisioning Server and XenServer – A real IT infrastructure project ;-)

OK, before we speak about project management, we have to define what we wanna manage. In theory project management includes the following dimensions:

  • requirements (or goals) management
  • problem management
  • tasks/time management
  • ressource management

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Planning terminal services with XenApp

November 30th, 2009

In the last years I’ve seen several terminal services environments – some of them were planned very well and others had a few design-mistakes, that produced a lot of work for the administrator or badly affect the overall system performance. But if you think about the following points, you may succeed with implementing your new farm ;-)

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SmartAccess in real world scenarios…

July 14th, 2009

[For the german/original version - please click here.]

Because many of our customers do not really know what SmartAccess could do for them, i’ll describe some real world use-cases here:

Citrix SmartAccess needs the following components to work:

  • Citrix Access Gateway Advanced or Enterprise Edition
  • Citrix Webinterface 5.x
  • Citrix XenApp 4.x or higher

And it can do the following functions for you:

  • constrain published applications by result of endpoint analysis
  • switch off ica-features (for example file-transfer, printing or clipboard) by result of endpoint analysis
  • secure ssl-vpn access by result of endpoint analysis

These functions allow you to implement a secure and flexible access to your network. So the mobile users will win flexibility + productivity without compromising the security of your network. In the following figure you can see an example use-case with CAG as ica-proxy and endpoint analysis.

In this scenario the state of the antivirus client and the state of the windows firewall is checked. Citrix is delivering some so called expressions for some av-clients and a few personal firewalls but mostly you have to configure these expressions to your own needs. Therefor you can use timestamps of files, the state of services and processes and network-parameter like mac-
The second scenario uses the same expressions but decides between ica-proxy and the more powerful ssl-vpn access.

Therefor the result of the enpoint analysis is only beeing interpreted at the CAG itself – It’s not interpreted at the XenApp-Server, like it is done in the scenario before. So the CAG itself just decides wether the user can use ica-proxy only or a more powerful ssl-vpn-connection.

The combination of the two scenarios could lead to the following scenario:

Furthermore you can use SmartAccess in combination with XenDesktop as well.
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