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Should we really think about making IT green?

October 28th, 2009

Brian Madden published a really nice article about the green thinking in IT and how it concerns desktop virtualization. This article ends with the following questions:

What about you? Does the whole green thing actually affect the IT department in your company? Do you pay for power? Do you do things just because they’re green? Do you even care whether VDI is more or less green? Should we spend any more time on this?

I want to answer that with: I do really care about our little planet and i know, that all the IT on this little planet is consuming more and more watts every single day (If you look @ the sales of servers and computers in general you can imagine, that power consumption of IT is growing fastly…). I know, that we are (compared to the world in 2020) just @ the beginning of an “IT-lized” world. And that’s why it is definitely worth it to think about every watt that could be saved!

Cisco Nexus 1000v, SC-Ports, VMkernel-Ports and more

October 15th, 2009

This week I had my first experiences installing a Cisco 1000v Switch on vSphere4. The first thing I have to say: It rocks but it is the most tricky thing I’ve ever installed. But the combination of servervirtualization and the virtualization of a Cisco Nexus Switch gives great new concepts and the opportunity to divide responsibilities. The biggest benefit is that you can give control of the network-ports, your VMs are plugged to, to your network administrators – They truly can handle all the VM-Ports as physical ones (but they have to know how to handle cisco switches). Furthermore you can let the vEth-Ports move with the VMs from host to host.

nexus1kv architecture

nexus1kv architecture

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