the future of storage performance

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The following video shows how a geek builds a stripeset of 24 solid state disks which have a 120 MB/s write rate each. If you think of the performance and the low power consumption which is possible with the SSD technology, you can imagine how Storage Area Networks will change in the next 3 years…

I have really good experience with SSDs as well – my laptop has a Samsung RBX S6 built in, so I have a 95 MB/s write rate – the Windows 7 in my Notebook boots up in 7 seconds + bios-boot.

Thanks to Tim – – who showed me this nice video…!


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  1. Tim says:

    Sun gets the whole “enterprise flash storage”-ball rolling and just released their first flash-based storage.

    Sun Storage F5100 Flash Array

    The speed of this systems is impressive,(about 13GB/s read throughput), but the price tag is also very impressive (starting at 45.000$) ;)

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